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        Betting on MMA takes many forms, with the likes of UFC, Bellator, Glory and more all battling for fans to watch MMA on TV. And Unibet offers extensive MMA betting odds on the latest fights and televised events in our sportsbook. 

              MMA betting and streaming at Unibet TV

              The UFC is by far the biggest Mixed martial Arts franchise on the planet and draws in millions of fans every weekend. But we shouldn’t ignore the other big fight franchises around the world, which put on exciting shows of strength, tactical nous and durability each week. For the latest MMA TV listings and odds be sure to check back at Unibet TV throughout the year.

              Watch MMA online

              Unibet offers extensive odds on MMA events such as Bellator, Glory and KSW. And we also provide In Play betting for UFC events, meaning you can bet on UFC live during each fight! Live betting is a great way to get closer to the action when watching MMA online. Our extensive odds include markets such as fight winner, method of victory and round of stoppage.

              Fans can watch MMA on TV in a number of different ways. Many UK viewers will have BT Sport or Sky Sports subscriptions, where they can either watch fights via their subscriptions or buy PPV packages for the big events. Live MMA betting alongside these televised fights is available at Unibet — which is why you can check out the latest bouts and upcoming events right here!

              UFC betting live

              UFC captures the imagination of millions of fight fans each week. The franchise has earned a reputation for staging the toughest fighters on the planet inside its famous Octagon. Women’s UFC betting is also a major draw, with the likes of Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes are just some of the big names to have come through the women’s UFC ranks down the years.

              And betting live on UFC is all about timing. Unibet’s In Play betting odds will fluctuate depending on what’s happening in the Octagon, meaning even the pre-fight favourite could soon become the underdog after a round or two. Unibet’s live UFC odds mean you can follow the biggest fights online and watch UFC on TV at the same time. This gives you a better chance of making more accurate predictions and potentially boost your payout if you strike lucky!

              History of UFC

              Very few people had heard of UFC when it first started in the early 1990s. The franchise was originally seen as a brutal form a cage fighting for white-collar men to battle it out in the Octagon. But its underground image was slowly shed and by 2005 UFC was staking a claim as being a mainstream sport in the USA.

              UFC streaming in the UK really took off when BT Sport began showcasing major events on TV and online. This was the early stages of Conor McGregor’s career and the Irishman certainly boosted UK UFC viewing figures with every fight he agreed to!

              It wasn’t until around UFC 55 that the sport really hit the big time. This was around 2006, when professional cage fighters were moving straight to UFC and making a name for themselves.

              The UFC Hall of Fame features the biggest names in the sport, such as Brazilian Royce Gracie, Americans Matt Hughes and Mark Coleman, Michael Bisping, Ronda Rousey and Japan’s Kazushi Sakuraba. Other fighters such as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre are expected to join the ranks when they all officially retire.

              Bet on Conor McGregor

              Conor McGregor is the biggest UFC star in history and, while he now rarely fights, the Irishman’s draw is wide-ranging. Betting on Conor McGregor at Unibet is extensive, as we provide a large range of McGregor odds whenever he is fighting. Unibet offered a huge array of UFC odds when McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagomedov, Eddie Alvarez and Nate Diaz. And if McGregor fights again then we’ll make sure to provide the best UFC odds and markets online!

              Bellator betting

              Bellator only recently changed to monthly shows, rather than a seasonal format. And the move appears to have worked, with many Bellator fans who now watch MMA on TV and bet online throughout the year. The monthly shows follow the same pattern as UFC and WWE, meaning fans are attracted to headline fights each month. Indeed, it is these fights that drive Bellator to new audiences and even greater TV figures. Unibet offers extensive Bellator odds on the biggest fights — so make sure to keep an eye on what’s coming up soon!

              Betting on unconfirmed fights

              Part of the attraction of MMA and UFC betting comes from the drama surrounding upcoming and unconfirmed fights. Many fighters will bad-mouth rivals in the media for months before a fight can be arranged. And that means fans expect fights to be announced and begin guessing who would win! Unibet offers a range of unconfirmed fight odds on UFC and other MMA franchises. It means you can place early bets on the fight before it’s been announced!

              Betting on unconfirmed fights often comes with better odds, as no-one can be sure how fit and ready the fighters will be before they actually step into the Octagon. That’s why betting on UFC future fights is a popular market at Unibet. So why not check out the latest MMA fight listings and future fights today!