Field Hockey

        Betting on field hockey is one of the most enjoyable activities available in the Unibet sportsbook! And here at Unibet TV you can also live stream field hockey and bet In Play on multiple games each year.

              Field Hockey live stream and betting

              Unibet TV is here to bring you the latest TV and streaming schedule for field hockey, while also providing In Play betting odds on every featured match and tournament. Hockey is played all over the world and boasts millions of fans, which converge for big tournaments such as the Olympics and the FIH Hockey World Cup.

              So be sure to check out the latest field hockey odds when you’re next in the Unibet sportsbook!

              Origins of field hockey

              Field hockey is a historic game that goes back thousands of years, to when the Ancient Greeks used horns to compete over a ball. Over the years a number of hockey-type sports emerged in Europe and Asia, most of which required a player to hit an object with a stick.

              In the 1800's UK public schools began to play a version of the game that became known as hockey. It quickly grew in popularity and spread across Europe. In 1886 the Hockey Association formed and soon after international matches began to take place.

              The Olympics welcomed field hockey into its scheduling in 1908 but women only earned inclusion into the Games in 1980. India dominated the sport for decades but in the past few years Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and Australia have become the strongest world forces.

              These days millions of people play field hockey every week and there are tournaments at local level al the way though to the Olympics and World Cup

              Field hokey basic rules

              If you don’t know the rules of field hockey then don’t worry, because it’s a very simple game to understand. Just like football or ice hockey, the aim is to get the ball into the opposition goal.

              Two teams featuring 11 players apiece contest for the ball with sticks on a grass, sand or astro turf pitch. Players are only allowed to hit the ball with one side of the stick, and cannot trip each other up.

              Players wear a lot of protective gear in field hockey, such as mouth guards and shin guards. Keepers are padded up in order to prevent being hurt when the ball flies towards them.

              A field hockey game lasts 70 minutes. Some tournaments have just one break at half time, while others feature three breaks, with the game split into four quarters. At tournament level, if games are even at full time then a shoot-out is used to determine the victor.

              How to bet on field hockey

              Betting on field hockey is very similar to placing bets on other team sports like football, rugby and NFL. That’s because the aim for both sides is to score points in order to win the match. Therefore markets such as match winner, correct score, first goalscorer and HT result are popular bet types.

              And Unibet’s sportsbook makes it quick and easy to find the field hockey bets you want to back. To bet on the sport, first search for the match or competition you want to follow in the search bar. You’ll then be able to look through the list of odds and select one that you think will win.

              Click on the odds to open the bet slip and enter your stake. You’ll see the risk and potential payout of your bet. Click ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process and then sit back to enjoy the game!

              Best hockey bets

              Hockey betting benefits from few goals being scored, because that means each goal has a huge value. And when it comes to betting on hockey then making sure you get the right odds is crucial!

              Many fans therefore love to bet on the next goal and the final score. A goal in hockey can greatly swing both markets, while the match winner odds are always in flux when you bet with live odds.

              Another great hockey bet type is the handicaps market. Here, you can bet on a team to win with a plus or minus handicap to their score. For example, you place a £10 bet on England to beat Australia with a -1.5 handicap at 9/1. If England win by two goals or more, you win your bet!

              Hockey at the Olympics

              The Olympics is the best place to bet on hockey live and Unibet features extensive odds on every men’s and women’s match of the tournament. This is where the elite hockey players go for gold and you can be sure to get the best odds when you bet In Play.

              Previous Olympics hockey finals have been nerve-wracking events that have gone down to the wire. So don’t be surprised if we see more high drama during future tournaments.

              Watch and bet on field hockey

              Remember to check back to Unibet TV every week to see the latest field hockey live stream and betting fixtures available online. You can follow some of the biggest tournaments in the world at the click of a button and bet on all the action with our In Play markets.

              What’s more, Unibet TV is the place to check out which TV channels are broadcasting live field hockey in the near future. You can get the latest odds, start times, live stats and results right here at Unibet!