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The phenomenon of the Brits discovering hurling or Gaelic football reached peak levels in the mid-2000s when Championship matches were first broadcast to UK audiences. Even former footballer Joey Barton became a fan, often Tweeting about the skill levels and intensity on show despite the association’s amateur status.

It also seems that Ireland’s most popular sport, Gaelic football, has been particularly noticed in Liverpool, thanks to the city’s large Irish population. Merseyside is home to two Gaelic clubs: Liverpool Wolfestone GAA and John Mitchels GA. The latter ranks among the UK’s most successful GAA clubs.

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The Gaelic Athletic Association is an Irish amateur organisation, largely focused on the promotion of indigenous Gaelic games and pastimes, including traditional Irish sports Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie.

Outside of Ireland, the GAA’s sole provincial council is the British Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which is responsible for Gaelic games in Great Britain, along with the British Gaelic football and hurling teams, among others. The British Council is also responsible for Britain’s seven GAA counties, including London and Scotland. Gaelic football is the most popular of the Gaelic sports, with some clubs dedicating themselves to that one sport. A game of Gaelic football is played over 60 minutes, with two 30-minute halves.

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You’ll still find bars and pubs showing Gaelic football on TV. The rivalry and history of GAA is hard to beat and watching it this way remains popular. Still, these days you have more options when it comes to watching Gaelic sports, thanks to streaming.

You can stream Gaelic sports on virtually any Internet-enabled device. And if you stream Gaelic football on an app on your phone, you can cast the action to your TV set if you so wish. You can also watch the matches on-demand when it’s convenient for you, if you’re busy when the matches are being played live. Depending on which streaming provider you use to watch Gaelic sports, you might also get to watch the action in high-quality HD.

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