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Sunday, 3 December

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Australian Rules

03 Dec 5:30AM
North Melbourne (W) - Brisbane (W)
AFL (W) North Melbourne (W) - Brisbane (W)

Australian Rules Football is a multi-million pound sport with a national competition and numerous other leagues. While the sport mainly attracts interest in its native Australia, it also maintains a following overseas. The game ranks among the most fast paced, toughest, skilful, and exciting games in the world. It also features some of the planet’s fittest athletes and draws crowds exceeding 35,000 spectators for each game at the highest level.
Australian Rules Football Schedule
The Premiership usually begins in the last weekend of March and continues right through until the end of August. We then see the start of the Finals before the Grand Final takes place on the last weekend in September. Games are traditionally scheduled for Saturday afternoons, although AFL games also take place on Fridays evenings, Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoon and evenings. Occasional games are played on Mondays and public holidays.
Australian Rules Football Streaming
If you’re a big fan of AFL, of course, you’ll want to watch the games. That’s true whether you’re a UK native and can’t access Australian broadcast television or you’re an Australian who just happens to be staying in the UK. If Aussie Rules is underway, you can watch Australian rules live tonight, or on-demand tomorrow if the thought of getting up that early is too much.

Depending on which streaming provider you choose, you can sign up to a rolling contract or subscribe to a longer contract for a lower monthly fee. With four 30-minute quarters and breaks, a match lasts about two and a half hours. That’s a lot of entertainment to stream.
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