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With the fight between Klitschko and Anthony Joshua selling out in only 25 minutes, boxing has reached an astonishing peak in popularity. That isn’t an anomaly either, as fights between world champions sell out in even les time. Boxing in the UK has seen a great deal of success and bona fide competition over the years, thanks to superstar boxers like Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno, and Lennox Lewis making headlines inside and outside of the ring.

Boxing Schedule UK

The boxing schedule is always packed with plenty of exciting action for the months ahead. The heavyweight division, in particular, is prime to entertain, with the biggest fighters in the world looking either to defend their belt or for a shot at the title.

The UK has no shortage of big-name fighters on the boxing fight schedule, with stars like Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury eyeing up their next big payday. Similarly, the sport’s biggest promoters are always ready to answer the call and make the headline fights happen. So if you want to see what’s on the UK boxing schedule, browse the above fight calendar for all the upcoming fixtures.

Boxing Streaming

While boxing is a highly popular sport attracting fans from all over the globe, there are some fight fans who don’t always have an easy time tuning in to their favourite contests. Fortunately, that isn’t the case in the UK. You can find the biggest cards available via online boxing streams.

Live stream boxing is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to see the fights legally without needing to pay excessive fees. Watching your favourite fighters do their thing via live stream boxing tonight is the best way to watch and get your boxing fix.

Unibet TV Live Stream

A live boxing streaming option that makes sure you never have to miss a jab, hook, or knockout is Unibet TV. Once you sign up to Unibet TV (or log in to your existing account), you can head straight on over to our sports section, find boxing, and you’ll see all the boxing stream options you can watch on our platform. The TV icon next to it will take you directly to the stream.

What’s more, you’ll also see the latest live odds, so you can bet on the fight either before it gets started or when it’s in-play. Or both if you really want to get involved in the action. If you want to know what’s coming up ahead of time, don’t forget to browse our boxing calendar above and enjoy as much boxing live streaming as you can handle.