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While most Britons only get to watch handball during the Olympic Games, it’s, in actual fact, a very popular sport in Northern Europe, especially in the Balkan countries Scandinavia, France, Germany, and Spain. In some of these countries, handball is the most popular sport next to soccer. Handball fans love it because of the high-scores – it isn’t rare for a team to score more than 50 goals in a single match.

In terms of global popularity. The International Handball Federation (IHF) lists 209 member federations and 27 million players. While the handball programmes in some of these countries are negligible, it clearly shows that a huge number of people enjoy playing the sport.

Handball Schedule

There are international handball events that take place each year in various countries around the world. Of course, international sports organisations stage the Olympic Games, Summer Olympics, Asian Olympics, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

Then there’s the IHF, which runs various leagues, including England’s Premier Handball League. There are eight teams playing in the league (hence why it was once called Super 8) that play each other home and away during the season. The league operates on a points system, with each team being awarded three points for a win, two points for a draw, and a single point for a loss. Some teams from the Premier Handball League also qualify to play in club competitions run by the European Handball Federation.

Online Handball Streaming

If you’re a fan of handball, you may be wondering where you can watch events like the European Men’s Handball Championship. While it’s unfortunate that televised handball is limited in the UK, there are live stream handball options available to you.

So if you want to watch handball live stream matches in the UK, you can do so on your favourite device. Once you sign up to a handball stream package, you can view the action on your desktop or laptop computer, or on your tablet or smartphone if you enjoy watching sports on the go.

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