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              Handball is one of Europe’s most popular indoor sports and here at Unibet you can watch and bet on handball throughout the year! Unibet TV brings you the latest handball live stream and betting options direct to your screen. See the latest fixtures from leagues across the world, as well as upcoming tournaments and major events such as the Olympics. Betting on handball has never been easier at Unibet and you can now bet live on your favourite games while you watch handball online at Unibet TV! 

              How to bet on handball

              Betting on handball is a great way to get closer to the action. Here at Unibet you can get stuck into the heart of the sport with our wide variety of handball bets. These range from straightforward bet types like match winner and correct score, through to more complex odds like over/unders and handicap betting.

              To bet on handball simply find the match and market you want to back in the Unibet sportsbook. Click on the odds you like, enter your stake in the pop-up box and press ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process. You can also bet on handball via the live odds alongside every stream available at Unibet TV — so you won’t miss a second of the action!

              What is handball?

              Handball is a team sport played predominantly in mainland Europe. The aim - much like football or hockey - is to score goals in the opposition goal. Players can only use their hands to control the ball. There are on average around 55 goals scored in a game of professional handball.

              Domestic leagues dominant the handball scene on a week-to-week basis but there are also major events, such as the European Handball Championship, the IHF World Handball Championship and the Olympics.

              Best handball bets

              Betting on handball has never been easier at Unibet — thanks to our wide range of odds that offer something for everyone! Unibet features extensive betting markets in every game we feature in our sportsbook. These games range from domestic league battles through to the Olympics final.

              Many of the best handball bets follow the same trend as other team sports where goals are the main objective, such as football or hockey. The most popular bet type is the match winner market, where you can bet on which team will win a certain game. And because there are very few draws in handball, this is often a straight-up bet between two outcomes, which makes it a great first bet for newcomers to handball betting.

              Another top handball bet is the over/unders market. Here, you can bet on how many total goals are scored in a game. You bet either over or under a specific amount. For example, you could bet on a game between France and Denmark to yield +59.5 goals. If a 60th goal is scored, you win your bet!

              Best leagues for handball betting

              Both Germany and France boast seriously competitive domestic handball leagues that are great to follow each week. Germany’s Handball-Bundesliga is steeped in history and features 18 teams. The top teams can qualify for the Champions League and the EHF Cup, while the bottom ones fend off relegation. Betting on German handball is great because the league is fiercely competitive — and this leads to plenty of upsets throughout the season.

              France’s LNH Division 1 is another great European handball league to follow. Montpellier have dominated the competition since the turn of the century, yet in recent years Paris SG have risen to challenge that reign and are now considered one of the best handball teams on the planet. 

              Handball Olympics betting

              Olympics betting is one of the most popular activities in the Unibet sportsbook and plenty of fans flock to the handball odds during the summer competition. For years the northern European nations of Norway, Denmark and Russia have dominated women’s handball. As for the men, France, Croatia and Denmark are the big forces from recent Olympic Games that have battled to golden glory.

              Handball betting at Olympic Games is an exciting way to follow the tournament. That’s because Unibet features extensive odds on every match of the competition. You can bet on gold medal winners, finalists, top scorers and the point at which teams will be knocked out. 

              Live stream handball

              Unibet TV features an extensive fixture list of handball live stream options every week of the year. This means you can watch and bet on your favourite handball games and get the latest odds alongside each stream.

              Unibet TV is compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop — so you can take sports live streaming and betting wherever you go! Be the first to get the latest handball live odds alongside all the action by betting In Play with Unibet. And make sure to keep an eye out for special promotions and bets throughout the season!

              For the latest handball live stream fixtures be sure to check back to Unibet TV every day. Remember, we feature games from around the world - ranging from domestic leagues to the biggest international competitions! To access them all be sure to sign up to Unibet today or log into your profile right now!