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Baseball remains one of America’s most dominating sports. The likes of Cincinnati and New York are even known as baseball cities, with most people in those cities preferring baseball than other sports. The most popular league is Major League Baseball (MLB), which is, in fact, the world’s oldest professional sports league. From the larger than life Babe Ruth in the ‘20s, “the Say Hey Kid” Willie Mays, who played 22 years from 1951 -1973, baseball has a rich history of iconic athletes.

There are two separate leagues within Major League Baseball: the American League and the National League. Each of the two leagues has three divisions and 15 teams, with the division winners advancing to a division championship playoff in their respective leagues. Joining them are the teams with the best records out of the non-division winners. The two division series winners then play in the league championship series. Finally, the series winner from each league plays in the pinnacle baseball spectacle: the World Series.

Baseball Schedule

As reflected in our above calendar of events, the MLB season starts in April and runs right through until the end of September. Each team plays 162 games in a season, which means they have a day off roughly every 10 days. So yes, baseball action occurs every day throughout the season. During the MLB season, you can literally be watching your team play tonight and already be preparing to see them in action again tomorrow.

Teams typically play a series of three or four games against the same team on consecutive days, which is great for those who like to bet on the game, as they’ll get a feel of how a particular team matches up against another. The ultimate series, the World Series, takes place in October to November. You’ll also see included in our events calendar, events around All-Star Week in July, including the highlight of the week, the All-Star Game itself.

Baseball Streaming

Are you trying to work out how to watch MLB online, with or without cable? Depending on which streaming service you choose, you can watch weekly matchups or you can subscribe to watch all the MLB content you want. That’s a lot of baseball, seeing as a game lasts an average of just over three hours. Streaming isn’t usually free, however. So is there another option? Yes, there is. If you don’t want to have to visit multiple platforms to catch a game here and there or pay high fees for unlimited MLB content, there’s always Unibet TV.

Watch Unibet TV Live Stream

When you sign up with Unibet, you can stream baseball games on your preferred device. You just need to create an account, and from there, there’s nothing to it. Just find the game you want, click on the TV icon next to it, and enjoy the game live. You’ll also find the odds on the game if you feel like getting more involved in the game. You’ll notice that the odds are favourable and some of the best around.