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Most PGA Tour events are double tournaments: a 36-hole qualifier takes place on a Thursday and Friday, and the other is a weekend with televised coverage and prize money that goes well into the millions. It’s the televised coverage that’s behind those huge purses. After all, a large majority of fans watch golf at home, rather than buy tickets and make their way to the courses.

Much of the love for the game of golf lies in the players themselves. Golfers, of course, don’t wear helmets, so their body language and facial expressions are on full display.It also means that it’s easier to like some players than others, which is why big names like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson continue to be huge draws for the sport. These personalities combine with pace of play to become must-see TV.

Golf Schedule

The PGA organises the main men’s pro golf tours in North America and the U.S. It further organises the majority of events in the annual tournaments series that’s also called the PGA Tour. There are numerous events on the Tour, including four majors, taking place over an eight-week period between June and August: the PGA Championship, the (British) Open Championship, the U.S. Open, and the Masters Tournament. Other events on the Tour include The World Golf Championships and the President’s Cup.

Golf Streaming

You can find a golf live stream service that lets you watch every event on the PGA Tour, without you needing to subscribe to a satellite TV service. With golf live streaming, you can watch Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Justin Thomas and more compete in such events as the Masters, The PGA Championship, and so on and so on.

You can stream golf live on your desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones, and compatible Smart TVs. Depending on which live stream golf package you subscribe to, you can also get on-demand golf, additional coverage, and extra features.

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