Basketball has grown into one of the world’s premier sports and watching basketball online has never been easier. The NBA remains the No 1 league for basketball, with millions of fans betting on basketball every night of the season. 

              Watch basketball on live and TV

              From very humble beginnings, basketball has evolved into a global phenomenon and you can live stream NBA and bet on every game with Unibet. The game has spread to Europe, Asia and Australia, while the Olympics introduced basketball to their schedule as early as 1936! Below is Unibet’s full listings for basketball live stream and betting fixtures at Unibet TV.

              Origins of basketball

              Basketball was the invention of teacher Dr James Naismith, who taught at a school in Massachusetts, USA in the late 1800s. He invited a game where pupils threw a ball into a peach basket attached to the wall. Rules gradually developed over time and eventually organisers decided to cut out the bottom of the peach basket, rather than climbing up to collect the ball after every score!

              Metal hoops were finally used in basketball in 1906 and the game was popular among college and school teams. Eventually professional basketball arrived in 1946 and 30 years later the ABA and NBA merged to create the biggest basketball league on the planet.

              Millions of fans have since watched NBA and Unibet offers basketball live stream options for all out customers, as well as In Play betting. Over the decades more and more fans have wanted to follow the games live, which is difficult when the average NBA arena only holds around 20,000 spectators!

              NBA betting

              The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world and you can bet on basketball and live stream NBA throughout the season with Unibet TV. Players are paid millions of dollars per game to entertain crowds and dazzle fans with their sublime skills. And basketball is great for betting live because of the sheer number of scoring opportunities in a game.

              For the past decade the NBA had been dominated by the Golden State Warriors. The elite team in club basketball boasts some of the best players in history, who have come together to reign over the sport. Betting on Warriors basketball is aways popular at Unibet, despite the team’s slim odds because they are so good! More recently, the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs have challenged the superiority of Golden State. Yet the team from San Francisco remain the equivalent of NFL’s New England Patriots, football’s Real Madrid and Test cricket’s Australia. They are the team everyone wants to beat.

              Many NBA betting fans love to bet on match totals — which is when you bet on how many points will be scored in the game. This involves betting on whether the total will fall above or below an imaginary line. So, for example, you could bet on a game between Houston and New York to yield +210.5 points at very good odds.

              What is EuroLeague?

              If you’re new to basketball live stream and betting then you may not have heard of EuroLeague. This is European basketball’s premier tournament and takes place between October and May each year. EuroLeague provides European basketball fans with amazingly dramatic performances each week, with some of the biggest teams on the planet competing. You may have heard of soccer teams Madrid, Barca, Munich, CSKA and Olympiakos. Well, they also boast top EuroLeague basketball teams too!

              EuroLeague is particularly popular in Turkey and Spain — and many top players from these countries eventually go on to compete in NBA. As of 2019, Madrid and CSKA have won the most EuroLeague titles, while Maccabi Tel Aviv and Panathinaikos both have a rich pedigree in the competition.

              You can live stream EuroLeague and bet on basketball In Play throughout the season with Unibet. Be sure to check out the latest basketball fixtures and TV schedule each week!

              Basketball at the Olympics

              Basketball has been part of the Olympics since 1936 and the United States have dominated both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Only Argentina, the Soviet Union (twice) and Yugoslavia have won men’s gold other than USA. And the women have been equally as dominant.

              Betting on basketball at the Olympics brings you closer to the action and here at Unibet you can follow every match live and In Play. You therefore don’t just have to bet on the eventual champions — which will almost certainly be USA! Instead, get great basketball betting odds on every game, whether it’s Australia, Brazil, Cuba or Canada playing.

              Best NBA players of all time

              The list of top NBA players grows every year but only a select few can be called legends. Icons such as Wilt Chamberlain, Sergei Belov, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Yao Ming top the list of best NBA players of all time. No double LeBron James and Steph Curry will eventually join that illustrious group.

              WNBA betting

              You can also follow the whole Women’s NBA season right here at Unibet and bet on every game of the season. The WNBA runs through the summer and features the best female basketball players on the planet. The league started in 1997 and has gone on to produce eight different champions as of 2019. Indeed, Minnesota Lynx, Los Angeles Storm, Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm are just some of the high-profile teams competing in WNBA.