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Born from classic billiards, snooker originated in the late 1800s when British Army officers stationed in India combined different variations of pool into one game. Sir Neville Chamberlain is credited with the invention of snooker and the sport has come along in leaps and bounds since it was devised around 150 years ago.

Today, snooker enjoys worldwide popularity. Although it’s yet to really take off across the Atlantic, the World Snooker Tour still includes tournaments from various corners of the world. Snooker players are becoming more celebrated than ever and many have cemented themselves as household names after dominating the sport for years.

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Snooker Fixtures & Competitions

Snooker fans are never far away from some action, since the snooker calendar runs throughout the entire year. From June to May, the world’s top cue artists face off at both major and minor tournaments in a bid to climb the world rankings and achieve eternal sporting glory. Players like Judd Trump, Ronnie O’Sullivan, and Mark Allen compete in worldwide competitions month after month, and you can stream them all with Unibet TV.

The World Snooker Tour is the most prestigious snooker organisation, hosting the majority of snooker’s most famous and beloved competitions. Running mostly across Europe and Asia, the annual season involves a number of professional and amateur tournaments, ranging from qualifications to invitationals to the ultimate snooker test: the World Snooker Championship.


Snooker Live Streaming

Due to the notable surge in the sport’s popularity in recent years, the demand for snooker live streaming has also increased. As the sport gains real traction outside of Europe, both the major and minor snooker tournaments are attracting large amounts of viewers. For this reason, we’ve created a sports streaming service where you can watch all the snooker you want and benefit from the best odds alongside.


Live Stream with Unibet TV

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