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American football may be America’s most popular spectator sport, but it also has a loyal fanbase throughout the world. The NFL attracts fans of all cultures due its highly-paid, highly-talented athletes. The game can also be exciting and volatile, with one big play turning the game on its head, such as a game-ending interception or a last second touchdown. Thanks to high-profile players like Joe “Cool” Montana and William “The Refrigerator” Perry in the ’80s to six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady in more recent times, the game has never been short of superstars.

While fans get excited about various events during the year, such as the NFL draft and training camp, actual games begin during the preseason in August. However, it isn’t until September when the real action gets underway. The pinnacle of the NFL schedule is the Super Bowl, watched by millions of fans and casual observers alike the world over. Like the rest of the season, the Super Bowl offers some exciting betting opportunities, capturing yet another market.
American Football Schedule
The season lasts for 18 weeks, with each team getting a bye week. As you’ll see from the above calendar, each of the 32 NFL teams play weekly. Most games are played on Sundays, at 1 pm EST, 6 pm EST, and the Sunday night game at midnight. There’s also a game on Monday night, which attracts a lot of viewers, and in more recent years, a Thursday night game and Saturday fixtures have also overcome popular. So when the season is on and you’re looking to watch a game either tonight or tomorrow, you can check all the fixtures on the Unibet American Football calendar.

But the action doesn’t stop when the regular season comes to an end. After the 18-week schedule come the playoffs, with seven teams representing each conference: the American Conference and the National Conference. The respective winners face off in the Super Bowl.
American Football Streaming
Some of the major streaming platforms or U.S. broadcasters show weekly games, such as Sunday or Thursday night football. It’s worth pointing out, however, that new deals are not uncommon, thanks to contracts changing hands and changes in policies. So you never know what the NFL streaming landscape will look like a year from now.

However and whenever you choose to watch, just make sure to get your snacks ready. While there’s only one hour of playing time, due to the stoppages and timeouts, the games go on for around three hours,
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