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Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world, with around 220 million people playing each year. As it’s so easy to play, the sport only grows in popularity. There’s a great deal of difference between badminton played in your backyard and the world’s top players, however. For instance, you probably can’t smash the ball at an astonishing 200 mph.

If you’re a casual observer, badminton may seem more like tennis, thanks to the court and net. However, when players make vertical leaps of three to four feet in the back court for a smash, the sport will more likely remind you of volleyball. But badminton has also proven to be a fascinating sport to watch. Over 1.1 billion tuned in to watch the sport’s Olympics debut back in 1996, which made it the most watched sport at the event.

Badminton Schedule

On the badminton schedule above, you’ll see three levels of competition: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. Grade 1 includes the Olympics and World Championships, the two biggest tournaments in the sport, along with a few other top-notch and well-established tournaments.

The Olympics, of course, takes place every four years during the summer. The World Championships also takes place in the summer and is held every three years. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) organises the badminton circuit, which features a number of tournaments in all three grades, including the BWF World Championships.

Badminton Streaming

There are multiple options to stream badminton. When it comes to the Olympics, however, it depends on which platform/s have the rights to stream the Games at a particular time. That’s also the case with the World Championships.

If you love watching the sport, and as a game of badminton lasts only around 40-50 minutes, you’ll want to watch as many games as you can. So is there an option that allows you to watch all the badminton goodness on our calendar above?

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