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Ice Hockey

05 Jun 12:10AM
Idaho Steelheads - Florida Everblades
Idaho Steelheads - Florida Everblades

For a winter sport, ice hockey has done well to have what is regarded as being one of the word’s richest and most popular sports leagues. Despite its fairly limited fanbase, due to its seasonal nature, ice hockey can still be mentioned in the same breath as U.S. powerhouse sports American football, baseball, and basketball.

While the NHL may be one of the world’s flashiest leagues, what about ice hockey in the UK? Well, there are 12 teams from England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland playing in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL). And three teams from the UK (Belfast, Nottingham, and Sheffield) are among the top 100 when it comes to European hockey’s most attended. So there’s that.

Ice Hockey Schedule
The EIHL operates a regular season to determine that year’s champions, the play-offs to decide the national champion, and the Challenge Cup, an annual cup competition that includes both group stages and a knock-out format.

The league has only one division, with a total of 10 teams competing. During league competition, a team is awarded two points for a win and one for a defeat in either overtime or a penalty shootout. When the season ends, the team with the most points is named champion. The best-performing teams in the league then battle it out in the playoffs, with the last team standing named winner of the British Championship.

Ice Hockey Live Streaming
The good news is that you can stream the regular season, the playoffs, and the Challenge Cup in the UK. And depending on which live ice hockey streaming service you use, you may also be able to see highlights of recent matchups. There may be a pre-game show too before the game starts to really build up the anticipation of the action about to take place on the ice.

And while it’s great to support ice hockey in the UK, you may also feel like catching some of the world’s best players plying their trade in the NHL. Of course, there are ice hockey live stream options available for that too for you to watch on your Mac/PC, smartphone, or tablet, meaning you really can get the best of both worlds.

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