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Bandy is a curious sport that finds its main core of fans in Scandinavia, Russia, and the UK. It’s a winter sport that’s essentially a blend of field hockey, ice hockey, and association football. Its origins are disputed but you can still see its roots even in the modern version (for example, the bandy offside rule is just like in football).


It’s a sport that’s enjoyed by many across Europe and Asia, but you may still be unfamiliar with what bandy is. If that’s the case, try imagining a regular football pitch made of ice. Now dress the players in ice hockey attire (including skates) and add the sticks and ball of field hockey. All this together forms bandy, albeit with a few other variations here and there.


Betting on bandy works in much the same way as association football, since many of the rules and plays are the same. In fact, football fans can easily become engaged by this sport, since they have a much easier time understanding the game. Continue reading for all the info on bandy sports betting and live streaming.


Bandy Fixtures

The biggest, most prestigious bandy competition is the Bandy World Championships, which are held every year and in a different country each time. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Bandy World Championships were cancelled in 2021 and 2022, but resumed in 2023 with Sweden as the host country.

The Bandy World Championships will return annually, featuring countries from across the world such as Germany, the US, and Kazakhstan. In the meantime, bandy fans can enjoy various minor competitions and leagues that still exhibit incredible amounts of talent and athleticism. The European Bandy Championships, for instance, showcase the very best of what Europe has to offer in bandy.


How to Watch Bandy Live

Given its status as a lesser-known sport, it can be extremely difficult to find bandy live streams in the UK. Bandy isn’t even in the Winter Olympics yet, so the only opportunities for live streaming the sport come from major international tournaments. Die-hard bandy fans might know where to find streams online, but those just getting into the sport will have a much harder time of watching games.


Bandy Live Streaming with Unibet TV

Fortunately, bandy fans can stream their beloved sport right here at Unibet TV. When you register for a Unibet account and deposit funds, simply head to the sports betting page and find the event or match you want to watch live. Click on the small TV icon next to the name and you’ll be given access to a high-quality live feed for your chosen game. It’s as simple as that!