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Bowling is an activity enjoyed by so many around the world, yet it’s never truly taken off as a spectator sport. There are very few professional bowling players and even fewer televised games, but the sport still maintains a widespread presence in leisure centres and establishments throughout the country.

Maybe this is because bowling is a simple game with incredible potential for entertainment. All you have to do is roll a bowling ball in a straight line and knock down ten pins at the end of a lane. Sounds simple, right? Anyone who’s played will tell you otherwise. After the first time you play, you’ll have a newfound respect for professional bowlers.

If you’re a fan of bowling or you’re just curious about the sport, you can watch live bowling in the UK with Unibet TV. Via our sports streaming service, you can live stream competitions like the PBA Tour with ease and enjoy a seamless viewing experience.


Bowling Schedule & Events

The PBA Tour is perhaps the most well-known bowling organisation in the world. Holding an array of tournaments across various locations in the US, the establishment aims to showcase the best of the best in professional bowling and provide entertainment and information for both new and long-term fans of the sport.

The world’s best bowlers hope to end up in the PBA Tour one day, but until then they play in minor leagues and other regional competitions. In the UK, the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) governs professional bowling across the country and while it’s not as prestigious as the PBA in the US, they still organise some top competitions over the course of the year.


How to Watch Live Bowling

Bowling is exceptionally fun to play, but in the absence of a bowling alley, you can always turn to live streaming bowling online. It’s still a thrilling sport to watch and you’ll be constantly amazed by the skill of professional bowlers as they throw strike after strike, easily racking up 200+ points by the end.

Unfortunately, though, there aren’t many sports streaming services that show live bowling. If you want to stream bowling online, you may spend a while scouring the internet for a provider. Instead of wasting your time, why not just use Unibet TV to watch live bowling events?


Live Streaming with Unibet TV

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