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It’s a fact that chess has been out of the spotlight since the likes of Bobby Fisher and Boris Spassky were in their prime. At the same time, however, the game has managed to build up one of the world’s largest communities. In fact, some 605 million adults play chess, a number that isn’t dissimilar to the total number of Facebook users.

Chess enjoyed a renaissance in the UK when millions of Britons turned to the game during the COVID-19 lockdown. In fact, the game became so popular that leading apps and websites reported a 400% increase in sign-ups. The global game wasn’t about to let the pandemic get it down either. Thousands of players flocked to Warsaw in December 2021 to either see iconic player Magnus Carlsen play in person or compete against him. It seems the game of chess is alive and well, after all.

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The World Chess Federation or International Chess Federation, often called by its French name FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), is a global organisation that links national chess federations. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognised FIDE in 1999, and the FIDE World Chess Championship takes place each year in November to December. Other event categories include the Continental Championships, which features the European Individual Championship and the XV Americas Individual Championship.

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Live chess streaming has become something of an online craze. There’s an average of over two million people streaming numerous games on a daily basis. There are also global web events streamed from around the world every single minute.

Chess fans flocked to live chess streams during the pandemic, and it was largely thanks to grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and his super-fast play. Chess fans were keen to see him demolish his online challengers on a platform that had been more known for broadcasting such games as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

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