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You may well have heard about the influx of gravel and cycle-cross bikes on trails and roads throughout the UK only a few short years ago. The increased popularity of all-road drop-bar bikes also resulted in a number of new cyclo-cross sportives, leagues, and events popping up around the country.

Cyclo-cross has seen a rise in popularity when it comes to competitive sports too. But what do you really know about which races take place and when?

Cyclo-Cross Schedule

Races usually take place during autumn and winter, including the World Cup (or international) season, which runs from October to February. Races in the senior categories typically last between 40 and 60 minutes long, although the ground conditions determine the distance.

National Cyclo-cross Championships are held each year by national governing bodies, with the winner named national cyclocross-cross champion. Recent winners include the United Kingdom’s Thomas Pidcock in 2020. The British National Cyclo-cross Championships are held in January.

Cyclo-Cross Streaming

You can watch live streams for all races taking place during the cycle-cross season, including the Ethias Cross, Superprestige, and Cyclocross World Cup. Other events available to stream include x2o Badkamers Trofee and the Cyclocross National Championships.

You can subscribe to a streaming service for a monthly fee with no contract or for a lower monthly amount on a 12-month contract. When it comes to how you watch, you also have options. As well as being able to watch cyclo-cross on your desktop or laptop computer, you can download an app and enjoy the action on your smartphone or tablet.

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