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Futsal may have suffered during the pandemic, like many other sports. But then it has an uncanny knack for survival. Its longevity may have something to do with its birth in Latin American’s tough favelas, or the hopes and dreams of acceptance in England being kept alive by the players, coaches, and volunteers, who campaigned to save it at the first sign of austerity. Whatever is truly behind the sport’s longevity, futsal might just be in the best place it’s been in its history.

The Futsal Premier League (FPL) was born when a return to outdoor sports was announced. The FPL allowed teams from various routes of Futsal the chance to play their sport at what is perhaps England’s finest outdoor futsal court – London’s the Westway. The sport’s competitive element also contributed towards showcasing what the sport has to offer.

On May 17, 2020, as restrictions had somewhat relaxed, we saw the launch of the “Summer Showdown” tournament. That tournament showed us England’s finest players, first-rate venues, online coverage, professional commentary, and some pretty great futsal. Thousands watched on a weekly basis and we were seeing a new dawn in the history of the sport.

Futsal Schedule

The National Futsal League is made up of four conferences and 26 teams, with eight teams playing in each of the Premiership North and Premier South conferences, and five playing in each of the Championships North and Championship South conferences.The first- and second-place teams in each conference advance to an end of season tournament to determine the champions. The league gets underway in September, with each match consisting of two 20-minute halves.

Futsal Streaming

Yes, you can enjoy futsal from the comfort of your own home via streaming. For example, you can watch select matches from the Futsal EURO in certain territories. You can also see highlights shortly afterwards.

You aren’t limited to watching the action on your desktop or laptop computer either, as the games can be streamed directly to your mobile device for you to watch on the go.

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