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Away from the sports side of things, politics is another category which lends itself to betting and live streaming. As more and more people participate in politics and an interest in democracy grows, so too does the demand for live streams of election results. As such, you can watch all the political drama unfold on Unibet TV.

Whatever your political persuasion, there’s no denying that watching politics and election results can be extremely entertaining. The dramatic flair and astonishing audacity of modern politicians is both hilarious and alarming, making election night – whether local or nationwide – a truly engaging affair.

Perhaps this is why so many people around the world have taken to live streaming politics and eagerly awaiting the results as they come in throughout the night. Betting on politics, from the next Prime Minister to your constituent’s next MP, is also thoroughly entertaining and can help ease the pain of broken promises and unexpected losses.


Upcoming Elections & Events

Politics is one of the most versatile and fickle things in the UK, or any country for that matter. As a result, you never know when the next general election will be or when the next by-election will happen. Of course, there are general rules in place that govern a representative’s term, but we all know these are subject to instant and unexpected change.

A general election in the UK can be held no more than five years after the previous one, so you can always expect at least two per decade. This makes it all the more important to get out and vote, because they don’t happen as often as you might hope.

That said, by-elections and local council elections take place more regularly. Always be on the lookout for elections in your area, since this is the best way to get your voice heard and to shine a light on issues important to you. Once you’ve gone out and participated in democratic voting, it’s time to sit back and watch the news as results flood in.


Watch Politics Results Live

Election nights are highly entertaining if you watch the results come through in real time. Even if you just stay up for a few hours, it’s a fun activity to live stream politics and place bets at the same time about who you think will win. You can find live streams of political elections and results right here at Unibet TV.


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