American football

        American football is the most popular sport in the USA and every year grows in popularity across Europe. The NFL acts as the showcase league for American football, with millions of fans tuning in to watch NFL online and on TV each week. 

              American football live stream and betting

              American football is the most popular sport in the USA and every year grows in popularity across Europe. The NFL acts as the showcase league for American football, with millions of fans tuning in to watch NFL online and on TV each week. Betting on NFL has also proved hugely popular over the past two decades, while many players also compete in fantasy football leagues. It means increasingly fans support individual players, rather than specific teams. And, what with the time zone differences between the UK and America, backing players is sometimes a better way to keep abreast with the sport than a specific team.

              NFL live stream

              Watch and bet on NFL games throughout the season here at Unibet. Our streaming channel Unibet TV offers NFL fans the chance to follow games and bet live on all the action. To watch NFL online and bet In Play simply sign up to Unibet today. You’ll be able to see the entire NFL fixture list each week, so you can plan when to follow the teams and players you love the most.

              Indeed, planning ahead to when to watch and bet on NFL is crucial when games are often played during the night. The biggest day for NFL during the season is Sundays, where the majority of teams kick off around 6pm UK time. But there are also games in the early hours of Monday, Tuesday and Friday!

              American football betting — the basics

              For fans who haven’t followed American football before, the sport can appear daunting. After all, there are a lot of rules in American football that need explaining to first-time followers. However, the basic principles of American football mean you can watch NFL on TV and thoroughly understand what’s going on. The basic aim of American football is to score points against the other team, either by crossing into the opposition touchdown zone with the ball, or by kicking the ball through the opposition goal posts.

              Touchdowns are the main currency of American football and teams battle to score six points per TD. Betting on American football often involves backing touchdowns and who will score them. Each play in American football involves a ‘snap’, where the ball is moved back from the line of scrimmage to the quarterback, who will either pass or run with the ball. The aim is to advance 10 yards in four snaps, otherwise possession is handed over to the other team. If a team advances down the field far enough, they’ll be in position to go for a touchdown.

              American football in Europe

              There have been a number of pushes to force American football into Europe but very few have succeeded. Installing a professional league did not work — and now the best way for European fans to watch NFL live is on TV or online. However, the NFL have recently staged up to four games each season in London, at venues such as Wembley, Twickenham and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This is now the best opportunity for UK NFL fans to watch live American football without flying to the United States!

              How the NFL season works

              The NFL features 32 teams that span the entirety of the USA. Teams are split into individual leagues - the NFC or the AFC - and then into groups of four. This means each team is guaranteed to play their closest rivals both home and away each season. The rest of a team’s 16 regular-season games are randomly allocated each year.

              The regular season is split into 17 game weeks, with each team earning a bye week at some point. After 16 games, the top six teams from each conference progress to the playoffs. American football fans love to watch NFL playoffs online and on TV because this is when the action really hots up. The playoff bracket starts with the teams who barely qualified competing in wildcard games. The victors then progress to compete in the divisional playoffs, which are effectively the quarterfinals.

              Teams then enter the AFC and NFC Championship games, with the victors of these two semi-finals meeting in the Super Bowl. Now, Super Bowl betting is huge in America and Europe — and Unibet offers hundreds of American football bets and odds on the big game.

              Greatest NFL players of all time

              Fans who watch NFL live often have access to all the games being played in the regular Sunday afternoon slot. And that means they watch a lot of football! Over the years fans, former players and pundits have watched thousands of hours of sporting action — yet only a handful of NFL stars are widely agreed to be the greatest of the all.

              The nest NFL players in history include iconic names such as Jerry Rice, Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Indeed, few will argue that the likes of Joe Greene, Dan Marino or Reggie White shouldn’t be in that illustrious category too. American football is at its heart a stats-based sport, which means fans and experts can easily argue one player is better than another based on statistics.

              Naturally, some players such as Brady - with a record number of Championship victories - rise to the top of many lists of the greatest American football players ever. We’ll leave you to decide who the very best are — but make no mistake, there have been some real legends down the years!