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              History of badminton betting

              Different forms of badminton had been played for generations in Europe before the British settled on rules and scoring in the 18th century. The aim of hitting a shuttlecock over a net has always been the key aspect of badminton and remains to this day. It is understood that early versions of the game were played by British officials in India, who then brought the sport back to Europe.

              Yet it wasn’t until 1899 that the All England Open Badminton Championships began, which was the first major competition of the sport. Within years Irish competitors were added to the tournament and by the mid-1930s badminton had been exported to much of the western world.

              Betting on badminton has run alongside the sport since it became a global phenomenon in 1977, when the BWF World Championship was launched. Sweden staged the inaugural competition, before Indonesia played host three years later. Nowadays you can bet on badminton from all over the world, on markets such as tournament winners, match winners, correct score and handicap betting.

              China have dominated the World Championship scene, with Lin Dan and Zhao Yunlei both winning five gold medals during their careers. There is only one European - Spaniard Carolina Marin - to have won three golds in the competition. And it’s fair to say Chinese, Korean and Indonesian players are often priced at lower badminton odds at the start of major tournaments.

              UK badminton betting

              Badminton is popular in the UK and attracts millions of fans each year. Not only is it a growing participation sport but plenty watch badminton on TV and bet In Play. Unibet offers TV listings on badminton games throughout the season, alongside the latest betting odds. It means you can get the latest Badminton England bets in one place!

              The All England Open Badminton Championships bring together the best badminton players from around the world. The tournament is staged every spring and features five tournaments: men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. In 2019 Kento Momota became the first Japanese man in history to win the men’s singles. The last English people to win medals at the All England Open Badminton Championships was mixed-doubles pair Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson in 2005.

              Bet on Olympics badminton

              Badminton has been a part of the Olympics movement since 1992. There are five tournaments that take place, with China generally dominating the Olympic competition. Indeed, betting on badminton during the Olympics usually has Chinese players priced as favourites to win the medals. As of 2019 Great Britain have never won badminton gold but did clinch mixed-doubles silver in 2004 when Emms and Robertson reached the final, only to be beaten in three sets by Chinese pair Zhang Jun and Gao Ling.

              The Olympics remains the pinnacle of badminton and fans flock to watch badminton on TV during the competition. Unibet offers extensive badminton Olympics betting markets throughout the summer, meaning you can bet on the games you love. Indeed, backing the Brits is often a popular move for many UK sports betting fans — even if Great Britain can boast just three badminton medals to date.

              How to bet on badminton

              When betting on badminton many fans stick with routine markets such as tournament winner and match winner. Indeed, these are straightforward odds types that are great for newcomers to badminton betting. But even least experienced sports bettor can quickly pick up the intricacies of betting on badminton.

              Indeed, many punters will bet on markets such as correct score, set betting, handicaps and over/unders. Handicap betting is a particularly useful bet type in badminton because the market evens up a game that would otherwise be weighted too heavily one way. For example, rather than betting on a player to win at 1.20, you could bet on them winning with a -1.5 disadvantage in sets, at 1.90. That means they would have to win 3-0 or 3-1 on sets to win your bet!

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