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              Live stream boxing and TV channels

              Boxing is a hugely popular sport across the world, with fights happening every single night. The biggest champions fight regularly, while up-and-coming fighters are always desperate for the chance to prove themselves on the biggest stage. That’s what makes watching boxing on TV and online so engrossing and great fun! Here at Unibet TV we’ve collated the latest boxing matches you can watch and bet on — so check out the listings today!

              Quick history of boxing betting

              Betting has always been at the heart of boxing — right from its early days as a pugilistic sport in ancient times. There is evidence of boxing in ancient China, Rome and Greece. Bare-knuckle boxing was  popular sport during the Victorian era but by the turn of the century the pugilistic art involved gloves. This made fights last a lot longer because boxers wouldn’t break their own hands when punching!

              Betting on boxing has been a regular and fun activity since the early days of the sport. In the past, most betting was done around the ringside. Here, spectators would bet with both cash and pledges, making their bets sometimes while the fights were taking place! This was the first instance of In Play boxing betting — something you can still do today at Unibet!

              Betting on boxing online

              Indeed, Unibet TV lets you live stream boxing and bet In Play. Live betting is a great way to follow fights in the ring and make predictions while the action is unfolding. Many fans who watch boxing on TV often have their Unibet Sports app open too, so you can place those crucial bets. Unibet’s live boxing odds are always changing depending on what’s happened after each round — so make sure to keep an eye on the fluctuating prices if you do decide to give boxing betting a go!

              How boxing weights work

              Both men’s and women’s boxing is split into weight categories, so fighters of the same physical type can fairly face each other. After all, pitting a super heavyweight against a flyweight may not be a fair match! There are 17 different weights in professional boxing, which range from an unlimited ‘heavyweight’ of over 90.72kg, through Cruiserweight, Middleweights and Welterweights, and into the lighter options such as Lightweight (61.23kg), Bantamweight (53.52kg) and at the bottom Atomweight (46.27kg).

              Boxers will fight at their desired weight category but may have to jump up or dip down weights in order to challenge opponents. Many boxers over time add more weight, which comes as they age. This means some boxers end up winning titles at multiple weight levels. Floyd Mayweather, for example, won belts at five different weights through his career.

              How to win a boxing match

              Boxers can win a fight via a number of ways. The main avenues are knockout, disqualification, surrender or points. If none of the three results are forced by the end of the fight, the victor is decided on points. Three judges score the match, with each fighter usually earning either 10 or 9 points per round. Whichever fighter ‘won’ the round will be judged to have earned a point more. Sometimes fighters earn 8 points in a round, but even this is very rare. At the end of the fight the judges total their scores and a winner announced. The result is either a unanimous decision, split decision or a draw.

              Types of boxing bet

              Betting on boxing at Unibet gets you closer to the action and we offer thousands of great boxing bets each on the biggest fights each year. The likes of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Errol Spence Jr attract millions of boxing on TV viewers when they fight.

              Unibet offers straightforward bet types such as fight winner, manner of victory and round of victory. But there are plenty of other great boxing bets to play with in our sportsbook! Many fans love to bet on special bets, such as exact time of stoppage, whether the bout will go the distance, and winning method.

              Live boxing betting is also available at Unibet, which is the best way to stay on top of the action if you’re watching the boxing live stream. This is because you can more accurately guess what outcome will happen next! For example, you may see one of the fighters has a cut, is missing their jabs or looks jaded on their feet. This may therefore be the perfect time to bet on his or her opponent!

              Boxing at Olympics

              The Olympics floods the boxing TV schedule with plenty of fights available throughout the summer tournament. Both men and women amateur boxers fight at the Olympics for the honour of a gold medal for their country. There are eight categories in the men’s Olympics boxing schedule and five in the women’s. The United States boasts the most boxing Olympics gold medals with 50 as of 2016 and 114 medals in total. Cuba (73), Great Britain (56) and Italy (47) also boast rich pedigrees in Olympics boxing.

              Women’s Olympics boxing only began in 2012, where there were just three categories. Brit Nicola Adams won the first ever women’s Olympics boxing gold when, at London in 2012, she beat China’s Ren Cancan in the flyweight contest.