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Curling, even in its modern form, has existed for centuries. Originating in Scotland, the sport was initially played with flat rocks on frozen rivers by all kinds of folk. Before the invention of the curling stone (which was still centuries ago), the sport was more about luck than it was skill, as players had little control over where the stone ended up.

But today, curling is enjoying worldwide fame as a beloved winter sport that’s been an official medal event of the prestigious Winter Olympics since 1998. Although there are official Championships and competitions around the world, the Winter Olympics is undoubtedly the highlight of the annual curling calendar.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of curling or you’re just getting into the sport, you can live stream curling events – including the Winter Olympics and the World Curling Championships – right here at Unibet TV.


Curling Tournaments & Schedule

The major curling competition that every player aspires to reach is undoubtedly the Winter Olympics. Held every four years in different locations around the world, it provides a welcome stage for curling to shine as one of the most enthralling events of the competition. Curling attracts millions of viewers each time the Winter Olympics comes round and its popularity is sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

Aside from the Winter Olympics, there are also many curling competitions throughout the year that fans can watch live and bet on in-play. The World Curling Championships showcase some of the sport’s most skilled athletes across the top-performing nations of the world. Similarly, the European Curling Championships involve the continent’s best professionals battling it out for eternal curling glory.


Curling Live Streaming

Curling isn’t one of the most watched sports in the world, so it can be difficult to stream live if you want to watch an event or tournament. Outside of the Winter Olympics, annual curling tournaments aren’t widely available on mainstream media, so it can be a little disappointing if you’re an avid curling fan.


Watch Curling with Unibet TV

Despite curling’s elusiveness as a streaming sport, there are services that show curling if you know where to look. For instance, you can live stream curling right here at Unibet TV! All you have to do is make a Unibet account and deposit your first funds to gain access to our sports streaming service.

Unibet TV is available on your desktop computer, laptop, or phone, so you can enjoy all your favourite sports from wherever you please. You can also place bets on a variety of competitions and watch the events live alongside. Unibet TV is quick and easy to access and gives you a platform to live stream a huge array of different sports.