Ice hockey

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              Ice Hockey live stream and In Play betting

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              History of ice hockey

              Ice hockey as a sport is much like football or field hockey in that the aim is to score goals against an opposition. As a team game there are plenty of tactics and strategies attributed to ice hockey, which is played all over the world. People have been skating on ice for centuries and it is thought ice hockey derives from a number of origins, including Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

              The pastime of ice skating and hitting a ball with sticks eventually evolved into a form of hockey. By the 19th century ice hockey was an increasingly popular activity, which was exported over to the Americas. By the end of the century hockey on ice was a popular sport, with regular competitions arranged in Europe and North America. Regulated rules also began around this time, which have developed over the years.

              Hockey became so popular the sport turned professional in the early 1900s. Canadian hockey took off and in 1917 the National Hockey League was founded. The league slowly expanded to take in more teams from Canada and the USA, and by the 1970s and ‘80s the NHL dominated the ice hockey world. There are now 31 teams in the NHL, who compete for the Stanley Cup each year.

              Meanwhile, European ice hockey is big in both Sweden and Russia. These nations regularly compete for Olympic medals, World Championship crowns and European Championship honours.

              Live stream NHL

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              Bet on KHL

              Russia’s ice hockey prowess matches that of Canada and the USA. And the KHL is arguably the second-best ice hockey league in the world. The league features teams from Russia and a number of other countries such as China, Finland and Latvia. But it is Russian sides who dominate the ice hockey betting odds each week.

              Teams such as CSKA Moscow, Ak Bars Kazan and Saint Petersburg have won the Gagarin Cup in recent years. And the competitiveness on show in the KHL is one of the biggest draws for ice hockey betting fans. Be sure to check out the latest KHL odds and fixtures here at Unibet.

              Olympics ice hockey

              Ice hockey was included into the Olympics way back in 1920. Back then it was part of the Summer Olympics — but that soon changed to the winter edition. Canada initially dominated the ice hockey Olympics medal list, before the Soviet Union became the major force. In recent years Canada and Sweden have claimed the majority of the golds, while a team branded Olympic Athletes from Russia were victorious in 2018.

              Women’s ice hockey at the Olympics began in 1998 with the United States beating Canada 3-1 in the final in Japan. As of 2019 Canada have won four gold medals - avenging the USA three times in the final - while the Americans claimed victory in the 2018 final against their neighbours. Sweden are the only other nation to have so-far reached the Olympics women’s ice hockey final.

              UK ice hockey

              The Elite Ice Hockey League is the home of UK ice hockey and is growing in popularity. Many Americans and Canadians are realising they can earn a good living playing as a professional in EIHL. And that means the standard is improving all the time — which only boosts the ice hockey betting odds available at Unibet!

              With greater interest drives wider odds ranges and live ice hockey betting. There are currently 10 teams in EIHL. Cardiff Devils and Sheffield Steelers are iconic names, while Nottingham, Coventry, Belfast and Newcastle have all boasted teams that have won the EIHL.

              UK ice hockey betting is a great way to understand the league and players more. Indeed, Unibet offers ice hockey odds throughout the season, so you can keep up to date every week. Of course, the EIHL is no match for the NHL or KHL — but UK ice hockey isn’t trying to rival the big boys. Instead, it offers great live action for local fans who also likely support one of the world’s bigger teams.