Snooker is one of the UK’s most popular sports and many fans who watch snooker online and on TV enjoy betting on the sport too! 

              Snooker live stream and betting

              Snooker is one of the UK’s most popular sports and many fans who watch snooker online and on TV enjoy betting on the sport too! Unibet TV offers regular live snooker stream options and In Play betting on tournaments throughout the season. Snooker was once one of the most popular sports in the country when fans could watch snooker on TV every weekend. During the heyday of the 1970s and ‘80s millions of fans followed the sport. Nowadays a dedicated support still keep abreast of the latest snooker scores and results — and you can do just that at Unibet!

              Live stream snooker

              Unibet TV offers you the chance to watch and bet on snooker throughout the season. Our live stream service hosts In Play betting odds alongside every match. It means you can get live snooker odds with every stream and follow the matches you want to watch! From the Snooker World Championships to the Masters, Unibet has odds for every professional tournament. If you want to get the best snooker odds online and join a community of 12 million sports betting fans then sign up to Unibet today!

              History of snooker

              Snooker has its origins from within the ranks of the British Army during the Indian occupation in the 19th century. Over the years the game has developed but the general principle — that of potting balls to add to your overall score — has remained the same.

              The World Snooker Championship was launched in 1927 but it was only in the 1970s and ‘80s that the sport truly captured the imagination of UK fans. This is because the population could watch snooker on TV and support their favourite players. It catapulted players such as Ray Reardon, Dennis Taylor, Steve Davis and Alex Higgins into the spotlight. The 1985 final between Davis and Taylor was watched by a record 18.5 million people on BBC2.

              Snooker in the 1990s was dominated by Stephen Hendry, who won seven world titles in that decade. Jimmy White was famously beaten five times in the World Snooker Championship final, with his last final appearance an 18-17 defeat to Hendry in 1994.

              More recently, Ronnie O’Sullivan has staked his claim as the greatest snooker player of all time. Fans love to watch O’Sullivan online and bet on the player. The mercurial star boasts five world championships as of 2019 and has won almost every major title going in the sport.

              Since O’Sullivan’s last world title in 2013, Mark Selby and Judd Trump have commanded the snooker scene. These two are often pitched as favourites in tournaments when betting on snooker throughout the year — yet upsets are always possible in this sport.

              Betting on snooker

              The best snooker bets that most fans flock towards focus on match wins. This follows the trends of many other sports, where the winner proves to be the most important thing. It’s also the easiest bet if you’re a newcomer to sports betting.

              But Unibet offers a vast range of snooker bets that are well worth checking out! For example, betting on the correct score is a great way to boost your odds. Other top bets include in-frame betting, maximums and century breaks. Snooker betting live while watching Unibet TV is a great way to follow all the action — and get you closer to the live odds. When you watch snooker and bet online, you can bet per frame and follow the fluctuating odds. This means you can take your time betting on snooker and place the bets that are right for you.

              World Snooker Championship betting

              Betting on World Snooker Championship is a great way to follow the tournament over its three-week duration. Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre showcases the greatest competition in snooker, with £500,000 available for the champion. Unibet offers thousands of World Snooker Championship betting odds from everything from the eventual champion to In Play markets. It means you can bet on whatever you like during the World Snooker Championship. For example, bet on snooker with Unibet and get odds on match winners, frames, highest scores and century breaks. We also offer special snooker bets, such as the nationality of the champion, player progress and 147 break betting.

              Best snooker players of all time

              Some of the best snooker players in history have won the World Snooker Championship. These include Stephen Hendry (7-time champion), Ronnie O’Sullivan (5), Steve Davis (6) and Ray Reardon (6).

              But what makes snooker such an engrossing sport is the personalities behind the players. It means that some players who failed to ever win the World Snooker Championship — such as Jimmy White — can be held in the upmost regard by snooker betting fans.

              The first non-Brit to win the World Snooker Championship was Australian Horace Lindrum in 1952. It would take until 1980 — when Canadian Cliff Thorburn beat Alex Higgins 18-16 in the final — that another non-Brit would claim the crown.

              Northern Irishman Higgins eventually claimed the coveted World Snooker Championship in 1982 and is regarded as one of the most entertaining players of his generation. O’Sullivan - with his outlining playing style, swagger and aloofness - is sometimes viewed as the modern-day Higgins.

              Players such as Hendry and Davis won multiple titles and remained resolute and considered stars throughout their careers. They exemplified a different style to that of O’Sullivan and Higgins, yet reaped just as much reward.