We offer stream options on sports from all over the world — not just volleyball. And if you sign up to Unibet you can also access our extensive sportsbook, with live volleyball odds and markets on the matches you want to follow!

              Volleyball live stream and betting

              Unibet TV offers extensive volleyball live stream and betting coverage on tournaments throughout the year. If you love to watch volleyball on TV and betting alongside every game, then why not check out Unibet TV today?  Volleyball is a worldwide sport played throughout the year — and that means there’s almost always a game to bet on with Unibet.

              History of volleyball

              Volleyball originated from the United States around the end of the 18th century, when a teacher used a badminton net as the setting for a volleyball game. The basic premise of volleyball - where the ball isn’t allowed to touch the floor - has remained ever since. Over the years the rules of volleyball have evolved into what they are today.

              Volleyball is a team game, with the number of players different depending on if the sport is played indoors or on the beach. The Volleyball World Championship launched in 1949 and the sport was entered into the Olympic schedule in 1964. Since then the sport has grown in popularity and fans watch volleyball online all over the world.

              Indeed, 21st century volleyball is a global business and the World Championships dominate the volleyball TV schedule. Brazil and USA are the most successful men’s teams at the Olympics, while China and Cuba have dominated the women’s Olympics scene over the years.

              Betting on volleyball

              When you bet on volleyball you’ll see it just like betting on any other team sport. The basic markets of volleyball betting focus on match and tournament winners. These are the most popular bet types and attract sports betting fans from across the Unibet community. For example, Unibet receives plenty of attention on the title market during the Volleyball Women’s World Championship. Likewise, Unibet offers you the chance to access In Play match odds when betting on tournaments such as the Olympics and National Volleyball League!

              Volleyball World Championship betting

              The Volleyball World Championship for both men and women take place every four years. The men’s tournament has run since 1949, when the Soviet Union beat Czechoslovakia to first place in the Final Six league. These two teams went on to win the next five World Championships before East Germany claimed victory in 1970.

              The USA were the first non-European men’s team to win the Volleyball World Championship in 1986 in France. Since then Italy, Brazil and Poland have been the dominant forces in men’s volleyball. So much so that the volleyball betting odds regularly favour these nations at major events.

              As for the Women’s Volleyball World Championship, it was the Soviet Union and Japan who dominated the early years. Cuba claimed their first of three world titles in 1978, while China began to emerge as a volleyball superpower in 1982. In recent years Russia and Serbia have come to the fore and are often favourites in the volleyball odds.

              Olympics volleyball betting

              Volleyball betting reaches its pinnacle during the Olympics. The gold medals on offer are of huge significance and some of the greatest volleyball players in the world have failed to claim that honour. Betting on Olympics volleyball at Unibet is a great way to get closer to the action. We offer live volleyball odds and markets on every match of the competition, which involves a pool stage before the knockouts begin.

              Beach volleyball

              Beach volleyball has been a popular pastime for decades but only recently has it gained full notoriety as a professional sport. Indeed, betting on beach volleyball at Unibet grows in popularity every year. The biggest beach volleyball competition comes at the Olympics, where teams of two players compete for the golf medal.

              The Beach Volleyball World Championships take place every two years and it’s understandable that the Brazilians dominate the history of this competition. In recent years Netherlands and Russia have claimed the title in the men’s Beach Volleyball World Championships. Meanwhile, China and Canada have stormed to victory in the women’s competition.

              Best volleyball bets

              Unibet offers plenty of volleyball special bets during the season. These bets can be used on almost any match and many involve In Play markets. Indoor volleyball scoring is split into sets, with teams requiring to win three of five sets to claim victory. Each set is a race to 25 points, which means a team can lose one set heavily and not be completely out of the game!

              Set betting on volleyball is a great way to follow the action. This is because sometimes teams start slowly before picking up later in the game. Set betting is quick and easy, meaning you can develop your knowledge of volleyball betting with small, regular bets. Indeed, betting small and often greatly boosts your sports betting skills and understanding of how the odds work.

              Other top volleyball bets focus on set handicaps and total points. These are more detailed bets but are still great fun to back! Handicaps let you even out the odds, so a heavy favourite becomes a more viable bet. And total points betting involves an imaginary points total, whereby you bet if the score will go over or under that mark! So, for example, you could bet on a game between USA and Canada going over 180.5 points.