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While beach volley played a part in Barcelona 1992, it was only as a demonstration event. It wasn’t until Atlanta 1995 when it was officially named as an Olympic sport for the very first time. It was here where the world’s best beach volley players showcased their skills, and just to show just how popular the sport was becoming, all the games saw packed stadiums.

One of the main reasons why beach volley has become so popular is due to its fast pace in comparison to indoor volleyball. The players are forced to dive constantly In order to reach the ball, making for some truly exciting highlights. As such, it’s upstaged its indoor cousin and the sport continues to gain fans around the globe year after year.

Beach Volley Schedule

The Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour takes place from March to December. Organised by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the tournament is made up of three tiers: Challenge, Future, and Elite 16. It ends with the Finals, featuring the world’s 10 best teams.

The UK Beach Tour (UKBT) calendar features dozens of beach volleyball events in the UK, with the tournaments categorised to target athletes of various abilities. Events include the London Grand Slam that takes place in late August. The events are held in various UK locations, including London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Brighton, and Cardiff. On average, a single game of beach volley lasts from 30 to 64 minutes.

Beach Volley Streaming

You can stream beach volley, whether it’s UK events or International competitions like the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships and the Olympic Games. You can access streaming services on your desktop or mobile device or through dedicated apps available in the App Store or Google Play store. Some streaming services also allow you to watch on-demand beach volleyball, or even the highlights and exclusive content if you’re unable to catch the games live.

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