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Field hockey is also known as “hockey”, as opposed to field hockey, as its cousin ice hockey isn’t as popular in the UK as it is in certain other countries. You’ll find that the field the sport is typically played on is astroturf, although it’s also occasionally played on grass.

There are several key hockey organisations in Britain, including Great Britain Hockey and England Hockey. Great Britain Hockey focuses solely on International competitions, such as the Olympic Games and the Hockey World Cup. England Hockey, on the other hand, runs domestic competitions that include the English Hockey League. There are other governing bodies responsible for the sport in other parts of the UK.

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The Men’s England Hockey League comprises teams from England and Wales. The league features 61 teams, with 11 teams in the Premier Division. The winner automatically qualifies for the Euro Hockey League. The top-ranking four teams in the Premier division also play in the League Finals Weekend, with the tournament winner being named the league champion with the right to also play in the Euro Hockey League. If the top-ranking team wins that tournament then the tournament runner up also qualifies for the Euro Hockey League.

The Women’s England Hockey League works in exactly the same way. Both leagues play an 18-week season from September to April, with a winter break from December to February. A game of field hockey lasts for 60 minutes over four 15-minute quarters.

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You can enjoy events like the Women’s Hockey World Cup on streaming services by signing up to one of the multiple plans available. The action for that particular event starts in the middle of the afternoon and continues deep into the evening, although the schedule varies.

Make sure the times of the matches of whichever event you wish to stream suit your own schedule before signing up to a service. Depending on the provider, you can buy a monthly pass if you want to avoid signing up to a long-term contract. If you want to watch the action on the go, you can do so by downloading an app via the Internet or your iOS or Android device. You can also watch the action on your smart TV or console.

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